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Politicians make decisions that affect our everyday lives to the very state of defense for our country, and the media seems to personify personal parts of their lives. Should the press be allowed to interfere in and report on political figures personal lives? Some say they should, the people have a rite to know how an elected office candidate acts on said persons casual life. Others argue it’s an intrusion on privacy. It is my belief that these people run our country, but they all have personal lives that should be respected for the following reasons dignity, respect, and even suicide.
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The disrespect for politicians in the media grows every day. It is an affront to all common decency in society, and portrays a less than barbaric view on our country. This lack of respect towards a person’s privacy makes it hard for the ones in the lime light to even live normally. They can’t even get a coffee in the local star bucks without attracting the media even though not many of them drink star bucks. This is a direct disregard for a politician’s rite to a private life.
     Finally the Medias reporting on scandals can lead to the unfortunate events even suicide. It is a dark topic but one that must be said, the media can be directly responsible for ruining a persons life. People who are used to power and influence can sometimes become crushed when they loose said power or influence. One such example of a media related suicide was a British politician who was ruined by the media and committed suicide while publicly addressing the issue. The media is directly responsible for this mans life.
     In conclusion Politicians are people to, and the disrespect for there lives can affect there dignity, and can lead to defamation of character. The Medias coverage of their personal lives can ruin respect for a political figure. So it is important to research facts about politics and not just believe the ocean of scandals and wrong images the media

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Politicians too often base their decisions on what will please the voters, not on what is best for the country.
The general meaning of politics is an individual who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making. Politicians should seek on both what please the voters and what is best for the country . Sometimes what please the voters is not always good for the country.
Sometimes voters want the change in their policy or in their leader, and that could hurt the country's economy and the people. In 1998, Indonesian people sought for leader-change in their country, and finally after long demonstrations and chaoses, the government decided to listen to their demand and put a new leader, but it did not go well as voters wanted. On contrary, it resulted in high poverty and the poor became poorer. This is one example on how can voters hurt the country in indirect way.
On the other hand, sometimes the voters know what is right for their country and please them at the same time. In 2009, Saudi Arabia had one of the biggest flood in its history. The people suffered, lost their families and had their home crushed. After a while when everything went back as it was. People asked for Water drainage project, but government never reacted to their demands. In 2010, the same mistake repeated itself in Jeddah and this time was worse . Rose in death toll , and people could not leave their work place. In 2009, In U.K when the government rose the Tuition fees on the students, and protesters reacted violently. This decision could effect the students in a negative way, such as, less students might join the schools next year.

Politics should seek on both solutions for what is best for the country and what will pleases the voters. Politicians and their voters most come to amicable decision otherwise this will lead to country's corruption over the years. As an example, what is going on now in Tunisia and Egypt of demonstrations and violent is because of the rolling system in their countries.

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