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Journey by Train

 A journey by train is the cheapest and most comfortable. I had always traveled with my parents. Last Sunday, I got to travel alone.

There came in invitation from my maternal uncle at Allahabad to join the marriage ceremony of his son. My father had no time. So he asked me to go. He gave me some money and many instruction ceremonies.

I was very glad. I had to go by the Rajdhani Express. I packed my things and reached the station one hour before the time of the arrival of the train.

I went to the booking office to buy a ticket for myself. There was a great rush. But the people were standing in a queue. I also joined them. At last, I purchased the ticket. As soon as I got my ticket, I hired a coolie I reached the platform.

I saw a large crowd on the platform. I became nervous. At last the train came and stopped. My coolie took me from compartment to compartment. But there was no room. People cried “No room, no room”. I requested a gentleman to let me come in. he did so, I had to remain standing.

 The train started with a whistle. The wind began to blow. I saw the scenery outside. It was pleasing. There were green fields. Little children were grazing their cows. They shouted with joy. They called out to us. The train was running very fast. It did not stop at small stations.

The train kept running through the green fields. After some time the ticket checker arrived. I was surprised to find that there were six men in the compartment without tickets four of them paid double the fair. The other two were asked to get down at the next station.

When my train reached Kanpur, there was a great rush. It is a great function. Boxes and bundles were thrown carelessly. There was a great noise. I thanked God, that I had got a seat.

At last the train reached Allahabad. I was glad to see my cousin. He had come to receive me. We hired a coolie and went out of the station.

In the way, I told my cousin all the experience of the journey. It was an exciting journey, which I can never forget.

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During the last winter vacation, out class teacher, Mr. Vivek Sharma wished to take me and some of my friends to Puri and spend a few days there. On 26th December of last year, we were asked to arrive at Howrah station at about seven o’clock in the evening to avail the Puri Express. We boarded the train and it left Howrah Station just in time.

We found that the compartment was full of passengers and piles of luggage with every one of them. Somehow I managed to stand by the side of a window. The train was running at a great speed. When I looked through the window I forgot everything of the world and completely lost myself. I saw the vast open fields and Mango and Sal trees in the moonlight night. Seeing this unearthly beauty of nature my heart was filled with indescribable pleasure and joy. I was amused seeing the houses and trees passing by very fast from my eyes.

Our train at first halted at Kharagpur. Vendors boarded the train and came to us to sell their goods. On the following day the train arrived at Puri in the morning. On the whole, I gathered a pleasant experience but the confused loud noise of the passengers and the dust and heat of the train inside gave me a lot of trouble.

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