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There are two places in Southeastern Kentucky I think of as my true homes:the small community of Lily, in the foothills of Laurel County, and, fifty miles east, Rockhouse Creek, in the lush mountains of Leslie County.I will focus on Rockhouse here, mainly because it is the dark, lovely topography of my collective memory, but also because it is the epitome of Central Appalachia, the kind of place that journalists-who-don’t-know-what-they’re-talking-about always zoom in on with their statistics and opinions. In fact, Rockhouse is located just a few miles from the communities that were recently the focus of a piece called “What’s The Matter With Eastern Kentucky?” by Annie Lowrey in The New York Times that referred to Appalachia and the Deep South as “the smudge of the country.” Well, I am that smudge.My people are that smudge.My homeland is that smudge. And we are much, much more than that.In fact, we would fight for that smudge.Many of us have.Many of us have lain down to be arrested fo…

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1 Types of Movie Goers Movies are a way for an individual to visually escape reality into a fantasy world. Every person carries a different preference as to what movie they find appealing and why they do. Those people that carry a preference, however; fall into categories of “Movie Goers.” These categories include romance, horror, comedy, documentary, action and the dreamer. Hypothetically, you can learn more about a person from what they do during their leisure. Personality traits are often indicated by the activities we do during our free time and how they can relate to us personally. The type of movie someone attends creates the opportunity for us to understand not only their interests, but also an individual’s personality and the type of person they are without having said a single word to them. Romantic movie goers are probably the most partisan category of movie goers. This group consists of largely women and a very small portion of the population are their significant others. Romanticists are the people who seek affection and companionship in their lives. They purchase the tickets to those movies that because they seek the answers to finding romance in their own lives or to reassure them that what they already have is genuine. Romanticists are particularly interested in the concepts of love, fidelity, and compassion. Sometimes people even watch romantic movies to get over a past relationship and find ways to move on to something bigger and better. Some people just like the heartwarming feeling a romantic movie can leave you with when the picture fades into the credits. In the end, it depends on their situation and how they feel about whatever issue or circumstance is at hand. There is a definite correlation between a person’s interests and the types of movies they see.

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