Korean War Map Assignments

The Korean War was fought in two parts...

The first part was a war of manoeuvre and the second a war of stalemate and trench lines. In the first year there were sweeping offensives up and down the length of the peninsula. In the opening attack the North Koreans nearly captured the entire country, then a United Nations counteroffensive recovered South Korea and drove deep into North Korea. The Chinese entered the war and once again the South Korean and United Nations were forced into a headlong retreat of several hundred kilometres. In the final offensive of the manoeuvre phase it was the Chinese and North Koreans’ turn to be pursued north back across the 38th parallel, the original border. For the fourth and last time in the war the capital Seoul fell to an attacking army.

In the second phase of the war both sides dug elaborate fortifications across the peninsula from sea to sea. The war of manoeuvre was over, and for two more years until the ceasefire the communist and the United Nations armies fought battles resembling the trench warfare of World War I – thousands died but the front line changed very little.

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